Good News!


From John Palmer
Chair Townsend Enterprise Park Ltd

Following the annual review of rental and service charges, the Board of Townsend Enterprise Park has good news for every business operating on the Townsend site.

For the fourth consecutive year, there shall be no increase in rental charges and following the review of service charges last year these will also not be increased.

Following a strategy review of Townsend Enterprise Park Ltd the Board have prioritised the management of the cost base of the business so as to improve the onsite facilities and provide a safe and comfortable workspace environment for all.

During the coming year we shall undertake a number of improvements to the site. Work has already started with the automation of the security gates and introduction of surveillance monitoring. Work is well underway to provide super fast broadband and WiFi throughout the site and we expect this to go live in January.

The Board takes the view that as a Social Economy business, the company has a responsibility to ensure that Townsend Enterprise Park continues to work towards being a place where all businesses based within it can improve competitiveness, improve profitability, grow and create further employment.

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