Good News! Five years of stable prices


From John Palmer
Chair Townsend Business Centre*

Following the annual review of rental and service charges, Townsend Business Centre* has good news for every one of the 38 businesses operating on the Townsend site.

For the fifth consecutive year, there shall be no increase in rental charges and service charges.

Chair John Palmer says that “the past year has been a very successful year for the Business Centre”

“The centre continues to go from strength to strength and as well as keeping rental and service charges at the same level for the past four years, businesses located in the Centre now enjoy Super Connected Broadband and WiFI in their workspace as part of their rental and service package.”

“This has helped every businesses located on site become more competitive and keep their costs down,” added John.

“And Townsend has continued to seek ways of increasing efficiency and reducing its own costs too. Our decision to install solar panels has made a big difference to our own internal energy costs and we will continue to seek ways of keeping our costs down and the value of locating in Townsend up!”

“The Board,” said John, “takes the view that as a social economy business, the company has a responsibility to ensure that Townsend Business Centre continues to work towards being a place where all businesses based within it can improve competitiveness, improve profitability, grow and create further employment.”

*Townsend Business Centre is a trading name of Townsend Enterprise Park Ltd

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