Townsend Street used to be the end of the town. Hence the name, ‘TownsEND’, Townsend Street has A LOT of history behind it and that is something we are very keen on. We not only love to see businesses grow, but we love to see a community grow. Townsend Enterprise Park was once the grounds for so many businesses, and a lot of the troubles.

Want to know more, check out our timeline and if you have any additional information we would love to hear from you!

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Farset River – 18th Century

It is well-known as the river that gave Belfast its name and High Street its curving shape. Northern Ireland's capital city was founded at a settlement centred on a muddy [...]


Church – 1833

1833- October 22nd Foundation Stone of the old church building laid by the Marquis of Donegal Rev. George Bellis opened the proceedings with the 122nd Psalm, Rev. Dr. Hanna offered [...]


January 1836

1836 – January - Rev. Josias Wilson of Drogheda called to be the first minister in the Church.


Robert MacAdam – Soho Foundry 1838

Robert Shipboy MacAdam (1808 - 1895) was born in the house of his father, James MacAdam (1775 -1821) a hardware merchant, in High Street, two doors from Bridge Street, on [...]

1838 – May

1838 – May – Church buildings was enlarged.

1838 – August

1838  August – Church re-opened by the Rev. Dr. Cooke and Rev. Dr. Morgan.


Hugh Hanna – 1843

In the early hours of Sunday, March 1, 1970, Sean Kelly from the Upper Newtownards Road received a phone call from a taxi driver friend asking for his help to [...]


The Westlink – 1981

The Westlink road in Belfast is a dual carriageway. The Westlink was originally planned in 1964 as the Belfast Urban Motorway, the route was to have been fully grade-separated and would have [...]


Plans for Business Start – in 1983

“As a paved road the Shankill dates back to around the sixteenth century as at the time it was part of the main road to Antrim, a role now filled by [...]


Belfast lying in hospital – 1984

The Belfast Lying-in Hospital (1794-1903) by Lisa Lavery   Belfast’s first maternity hospital was established in 1794 due to the efforts of a small group of philanthropists. The aim of [...]


Townsend Enterprise Park – 1987

Since the company was founded in 1987, the Directors have been guided by an ethos of service to the community, which has been embraced by all serving and former board [...]


1987 – Housing 5 companies

In 1987, Townsend Enterprise Park had 5 companies lined up and ready to move in. This was a total of 30 people employed on site. This included a Graphic Designer, [...]


1988 – Building Constructed

Since founded in 1987, the building was constructed in 1988. Advertising for business at a prime location to those business of Northern Ireland. Beside the fast paced capital, businesses realised [...]


1989 – Fully Let

1 year on and Townsend Enterprise Park was fully Occupied. Following the completion of the construction in 1988, it only took Townsend Enterprise Park 1 year to reach full occupancy. [...]


1989 – Housing 10 Companies

In 1989 another 5 companies jumped through Townsend's Doors to situate their business on Townsend Street, this amounted to a total of 100 employee's on-site. This included 1 Courier and [...]


1994 – Housing 26 Companies

In 1994, Townsend Enterprise Park was the proud home to 26 Companies on site. This was a great achievement to a company that had only been opened for 7 years. [...]


1995 – Building Commenced

Agreeing to expand Townsend Enterprise Park, the building commenced in 1995. This was proposed to take a year to build and allow for the expansion of the building.  It can [...]


1996 – Ready for Business

Ready to Rent Townsend Enterprise Park had again opened more doors for businesses in Northern Ireland. It had met the expansion plans to build within 1 year. Not only had [...]


2013 – Housing 35 Companies

In 2013, Townsend Enterprise Park is home to 35 businesses. That is 87% fully occupied. The Enterprise park can be seen to grow a tremendous amount with a increasing number [...]


2017 – Housing 38 Companies

In 2017, Townsend Enterprise Park currently house a massive number of 38 companies. This is an amazing 96% occupancy rating. Townsend Enterprise Park have a huge variety of businesses on-site, [...]