Townsend Enterprise Park – 1987

//Townsend Enterprise Park – 1987

Townsend Enterprise Park – 1987

Since the company was founded in 1987, the Directors have been guided by an ethos of service to the community, which has been embraced by all serving and former board members.  Given the structure of the company and the demands on members’ time, this service has always been given willingly and generously in spite of other competing pressures in personal and professional lives.

Townsend Enterprise Park was established by local churchmen and professional people, who recognised the need for such a venture as a means of creating new opportunities, stretching the imagination and promoting peace and reconciliation within the local community.  Since its establishment, the company has steadily and quietly expanded and matured into the successful organisation it is today.

This collective ambition to create an enterprise park in this particular area, as a means of raising it’s profile and encouraging peace and reconciliation, really took off in 1987, when Phase One opened with 35,000 sq. ft of business space.  The success of this venture became evident in 1995 when expansion became necessary and Phase Two of the Park was completed, accommodating a further 15-20 businesses and creating employment for a further 250 people.

Today the success of Townsend Enterprise Park is highlighted in the fact that the business has an 94% occupancy rate, catering for 39 small/medium sized businesses which employ just under 300 people on the site.